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Zahra Boroon

Architect & Interior Designer

Furniture Designer & Enforcer

M.A Architect | Tehran University

Zahra Boroon

Architect & Interior Designer ​

This website is all about me “Zahra Boroon” an architect & interior designer who is graduated from Tehran University of Art in M.A grade in 2019; previously graduated from Chamran University in Bachelor grade 2017.

My professional career started in 2018 by working as an interior designer in 3 different interior designed companies such as Kalbod, Faam & Azhand studio. Counting on my personal favorites, I’ve started acting as a society photographer resulted in holding a photo showroom in 2016.


Involved Brands

Azhand Studio

Referral Email: barati_mehdi88@yahoo.com

Fam Studio

Referral Email: famarchitects@hotmail.com

Kalbod Studio

Referral Email: famarchitects@hotmail.com

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Hi There! This is me; Zahra Boroon. An Iranian 26 years old architecture and interior designer who is now trying to let you know more about herself in this website. So it would be great to join me for a couple of minutes. 

I was born in Ahwaz; Khuzestan province at 1995. Right after finishing school; I was accepted in Chamran University of my hometown in architecture major as my Bachelor. It was my first step of excellence as architecture faculty of that university is among the most highlighted ones within the entire country. 

The next step was even more important in my life and career journey as I’ve been so enthusiastic in continuing my education toward interior design as an architect. So; I’ve settled a great goal to be accepted in Tehran University of Art in Iran’s capital, Tehran for M.A grade. Hard works were finally successful and I could gain my place in that dreamed university; as a result I’ve moved to Tehran in order to seek for a new life in terms of education and career. 

Although I’ve and now I’m so interested in studying; but my first interest is to work in my beloved major: interior design. This is why I’ve stated working with 3 different interior design studios right after graduation. Those studios are known as Kalbod; Fam and Azhand. Working with those experienced teams is now considering as one of the highlighted key factors in my career as I’ve gained lots of worthy experiences. 


Now; as I’m preparing myself for the next step of my life, You’ll be informed so soon:), I’m continuing my career as a freelancer architect and interior designer and it seems so pleasant in this specific level of my life. 


Whether working as a member of a team or as a freelancer; the first priority of my mindset is all about providing my clients with a really satisfying experience within a calm and pleasant environment. This is why I do really love architecture; as It brings the happiness to the routine or boring lives. 


It was my entire life story till now; thanks for joining me and stay tuned …!

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Chamran University
  • Architect Engineering 
  • From 2013 to 2017
  • Working as a photographer interested in Society issues 

B.A Chamran University

Tehran University of Art
  • Interior Design 
  • From 2017 to 2019
  • Working  at Fam Studio as an interior designer ; at the same time at Azhand  studio and Kalbod studio as well 

M.A of interior design

  • Photography
  • Events Management
  • Content providing for different businesses